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American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc is committed to quality in every aspect of our processes. Our employees understand and take responsibility for quality and craftsmanship. Management and personnel are empowered to make sound quality decisions to continually improve the company’s quality system. Our measurements of business success are determined by continued customer trust, delivery of quality products and complete customer satisfaction.

The management at American Aerospace Technical Castings, Inc is strongly committed to a strategy of continual improvement, seeking to learn the expectations of our customers and meeting and exceeding those needs.

Certificates (click to view)

NADCAP: Aluminum Heat Treating

NADCAP: Material Testing

NADCAP: Non-Destructive Testing

NADCAP: Welding

OASIS: Proof of OIN

ITAR: Compliance Certification

ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 Rev. D

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Continuous Improvement


  • Built a Training Center for casting Excellence (Dedicated to Art Abbey)
  • Procured a Wax 3D Printer to offer Rapid Prototyping
  • Shell Room De-humidification Implemented


  • Added 3 New 5 Axis CNC machines
  • Built out 1000sq ft new Manual Machining Facility
  • Streamlined Wax Injection Operations to reduce lead times
  • Held a Quality Clinic introduction class with UTC (Implemented)
  • Modified product scrap area (Poka Yoke)


  • Cast Floor LEAN event (6 mo's long) Improve Quality
  • 1 New 5 Axis CNC
  • 2 New 600 lb Aluminum Melters


  • Machining Center Reorganization
  • New FEELER CNC 4 Axis
  • Aluminum Heat Treating


  • 1000 sq ft Secure Tooling and Document Storage
  • 6000 sq ft Machine Shop
  • 2- 60hp 125 psi 250cfm Air Compressors
  • LEAN Work Flow of Shell Room
  • LEAN Work Flow for Knock-out
  • Recirculation and Oxidization for Water Blast Water


  • Boeing Supplier “Silver Performance Award” Working for Gold…
  • Marketing and Website Strategies
  • Move toward electronic record keeping
  • Completion of Materials Testing Certification
  • Wax Injection; Improved Filter Fabrication


  • BeCu Containment Cell
  • Goodrich AG and AATC LWW Tool Movement
  • The Boeing Company GEMBA walk
  • 1000 days ZERO Lost Time Accident Luncheon
  • Goodrich AG and AATC one piece Airplane factory with all supervisors
  • Sundyne(UTC) Supplier Gold Lean Assessment
  • Financial and Manufacturing Connections Information Technology


  • Standard Work in Process (SWIP) Introduction and training
  • NDT Lean Event
  • Machine Shop mini lean event
  • Materials Testing 2009-Current


  • Goodrich AG and AATC Sales Orders receipt to release


  • Goodrich AG and AATC ANDON LIGHTS training and investigations
  • Goodrich AG and AATC straightening 5S
  • AATC relocation Event
  • Sundyne (UTC) Supplier Gold Philosophy and Vision


  • AATC Records requirements, retention, and Flow
  • AATC outside process flow and responsibilities
  • AATC cross training and trouble tickets
  • Goodrich AG and AATC straightening 5S


  • FACC AG and AATC Kit flow product movement and packaging
  • AATC visual Inspection 5S and Flow parameters
  • AATC maintenance and outside grounds 5S
  • AATC Quality Assurance Administration 5S


  • The Boeing Company and AATC value stream

Customer Approval (Samples)

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